iGolf Software a division of Circle Graphics, is a company dedicated to being the best at providing unique and innovative solutions in an industry full of top achievers.

iGolf Software was started in 2000 as a subsidiary of Circle Graphics and Design Inc. with a focus toward the golf industry. Incorporated in 1994, Circle Graphics & Design Inc. was focused primarily on print advertising. The Internet although in its infancy, provided a new dynamic platform for Circle to learn and grow. We immersed ourselves into new media technology and have received much acclaim for our award winning web sites. Circle is highly respected by its peers within the global digital community for its exciting versatile design and innovation in software application development.  Notable client projects have been featured in Rolling Stone and Time magazines.

We believe in building business partnerships - we listen and we educate. The more you know about your options, the better we can satisfy your needs. We use simple terminology that makes sense. No tech-talk mumbo-jumbo, just uncomplicated ideas that allow you to understand and utilize today's technology in your business. Our simple approach stems from a desire to bring new ideas to a variety of different companies. We investigate how technology can increase profits, productivity, and communication. All without a complicated learning curve.

Circle's designers and programmers are a team of highly skilled individuals who desire to serve you quickly and efficiently. They love to push the envelope of design and electronic media to new levels while embracing your goals and marketing direction. We don't want to just sell you "cool technology", we want to build you a web site that will meet and exceed your expectations for years to come. Our success depends on our clients' successes. We do not just build beautiful web sites—we build sites that fulfill the needs of our clients, on time and on budget.

Our experience is not limited to online media. Many years of experience within the print design industry has allowed us to offer many custom features that other "tech only" companies cannot. Our list of services encompasses every aspect of electronic and paper based design and printing as well as complete custom software application development, database programming & engineering. This versatile ability has allowed us to be of great value to our clients. As a "single resource", we have the ability to grow with our clients companies regardless of their design or programming needs.

We had researched online tee-reservation systems and website construction for over 1 year.  There were many systems to choose from, including one locally but IGOLF Software brings it all together into one package.

The integration of the website and tee-reservation system gives our membership an easy-to-use and powerful tool.  The technical support staff is outstanding and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your 100% satisfied with their product.  This is the best product on the market and our members absolutely love it!

Rick Ellefson
PGA Member