The right web designers and developers can open up new doorways to better online management, communication and profitability.

With over 20 years of experience in web design and development, we understand what it takes to create an online masterpeice that not only looks fantastic, but also communicates to your visitors. We know the common pitfalls of the Web, and how to overcome them. All iGolf websites are designed to be fully mobile responsive compliant. This means that your visitors will get an optimal viewing experience on their smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.


If you require custom programming our in-house programming team can create the perfect solution to your programming challenge. We are experts in:

  • Web Development Frameworks (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, etc)
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin Development
  • Custom CSS
  • Standards Compliant HTML and JavaScript
  • Custom database development
  • E-commerce management
  • And much more!


Every iGolf website project starts with collective planning, brainstorming and research. Our 9-step web development process allows us to build you an effective website by outlining each phase of your site, from planning to launch.

1. The Plan
Our first step is to work with you to establish your project goals, including a list of what is desired. All goals, visual ideas and functions of the project are discussed. A site map or wireframe outline is developed early on to determine the appropriate navigation structure and any necessary media requirements.

2. Concept Phase
Once the outline is established, our web developers and designers gather any media items (such as photos, logos and graphics) and create a set of conceptual designs. These provide a number of different approaches to the design and navigation of the website, and are presented as static images.

3. Production
Once a creative direction has been determined, our web developers and designers create a working model. The core interface is formatted and the site becomes interactive. The navigation takes shape and any interactive features are finalized and implemented. Your website will be programmed to work as a responsive mobile friendly website and all templates will be setup and prepared for installation into our Hoolahoop CMS. The website is then put onto a working server for your review.

4. Formatting
All information outside of dynamic data-driven pages are added, including contact forms, static content and images (if required).

5. CMS Setup/Implementation
We start the theme implementation process, as well as any custom feature development if required. If you are looking to manage your content yourself we offer training services as well.

6. Testing
Before your site goes live we will test all aspects of your website to ensure proper functionality and navigation, browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness.

7. Content Implementation
Your new site is now ready for content. You will receive the proper login information for your Hoolahoop Administration account in order to begin adding your content. Or in the event that we will be adding in content for you we would work to do this at this time.

8. The Launch
Once you are happy with all content and we gain your final approval, your website is ready to be launched. A time is scheduled and we will transfer your site to its new home at your final domain.

9. Marketing
If required Circle can ensure that all pages, content, keywords and meta tags are optimized for search engines. Registration is done on all major search engines and directories, and evaluated after 30 days using search engine optimization (SEO) software. Positioning can then be adjusted as required.


The right web designers can help you connect with your target audience. Contact us today to discuss your web design and development needs.

We had researched online tee-reservation systems and website construction for over 1 year.  There were many systems to choose from, including one locally but IGOLF Software brings it all together into one package.

The integration of the website and tee-reservation system gives our membership an easy-to-use and powerful tool.  The technical support staff is outstanding and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your 100% satisfied with their product.  This is the best product on the market and our members absolutely love it!

Rick Ellefson
PGA Member