iGolf Internet based Tee Sheet

Fully responsive design, members can use smart phones, tablets and laptops. Registered members are assigned a username and password which allows them to login to an online members only section.  For Public clubs, golfers shall create a user profile including username and account upon first using the tee sheet.  Once logged in, golfers see the same tee sheet the pro shop uses to book their tee times (with the exception of information made unavailable by Administration).  This is the key to the iGolf System.  It is not a request-for-tee time systems that forces users to fill in a number of fields and await responses before completing a tee booking.  iGolf Systems is a point and click system that allows the booking of tee times in as little as twenty seconds.

Online Teesheet software

Electronic Tee Sheet

The Tee Time Booking Agent is comprised of three separate tee sheets.  The Administration side tee sheet that has all the administrative controls.  The member side tee sheet and the public side tee sheet that allows end users to quickly and effortlessly book tee times in accordance with the parameters set out in the Administration side tee sheet.

The easy to administrate tee time manager uses a standard Internet browser so it's very familiar to even the most inexperienced Internet user. The pro shop administrator has full control over the electronic tee sheet and can pre-configure a sheet to reflect any club's booking policies. Tee times can be blocked, added or set up in advance for tournaments and lottery draws.

Automated Draw System

Courses that use a random draw or balloted lottery method to schedule tee times during popular or peak times can let the points-based iGolf Automated Lottery System do all the work. Stats are tracked in order to maintain a fair and impartial order for all members. Draws are created on the Administration side of the program, and members are then able to submit ballots for the Draw online. Once the draw has been run, members will receive confirmation of their drawn time via email, as well as the results being posted on the live tee sheet.  Remaining may be made available to other members for traditional booking.

Some of the features included:

  • Multiple course support
  • 9 or 18 hole booking
  • Unlimited User/Membership Classes – Create unlimited golfer or membership classes and play restrictions by multiple parameters.
  • Automated Lottery/Ballot/Draw System - Our Lottery System (which is customizable by each Club) tracks points awarded to the Members as Tee Times are booked. The Lottery Draw is based solely on points accrued, and is not subject to favoritism.  The Draw may be edited if required.
  • Specialty and Shotgun Starts - Allows the Pro Shop to create custom scenarios for shotgun starts, crossover starts, and tournaments.  Results are imported directly into the tee sheet.
  • Custom interfaces to match branding.
  • Automated customizable email confirmations of bookings and cancellation
  • Statistics Engine – allows the club to generate numerous custom reports for budgeting and marketing purposes
  • One-click player information and play history
  • Bag Report for back room staff
  • Buddy Lists  - customizable lists of the player you play with most
  • Custom notes within the Admin and public/member tee sheets
  • Squeeze – Fit groups in as necessary
  • Current delay and weather conditions editor
  • Create multiple administrators with varying access to the system
  • Remote access to the system by management, or owners
  • Concierge/Tour Booking agents can have special restrictions
  • Golf Carts, etc. can be reserved by public and Admin


Golfers receive immediate service by booking their own tee times. Staff can then be free to help golfers at the course rather than answering phones

The automated Draw system eliminates the steps of members filling out ballots plus the time needed to draw, sort and set tee times

Golfers can book tee times anywhere they can access the Internet, anywhere in the world 24 hours a day. Even when the course is closed.

A confirmation email is sent immediately after a time is booked. A confirmation email is also sent to other registered golfers that the booker books on behalf of, avoiding the need to call the other players to confirm a tee time was booked.

Administrators can access the system remotely to set up and track the system as required.

We had researched online tee-reservation systems and website construction for over 1 year.  There were many systems to choose from, including one locally but IGOLF Software brings it all together into one package.

The integration of the website and tee-reservation system gives our membership an easy-to-use and powerful tool.  The technical support staff is outstanding and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your 100% satisfied with their product.  This is the best product on the market and our members absolutely love it!

Rick Ellefson
PGA Member

We are now seeing nearly 90% of our members booking and managing their tee times and ballots online.  The amount of time and effort the iGolf System has saved us has been invaluable.

Golf is like a love affair. If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart.....Arthur Daley